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D.K. Enterprises was established in 1985 by Don Kim and since its inception the firm has focused on providing quality drapery and window covering hardware. Though its base is in the Los Angeles area, D.K. has provided products throughout the U.S. and internationally. Starting out as an independent O.B.Masco &Kirsch distributor, after almost 20 years, D.K. has grown into a firm with its own line of wood and wrought iron products in addition to their core basic drapery hardware products. You can also find at D.K. Architrac (Hotel) products with all related parts and a full line of workroom supplies.

For the last decade, D.K. has put its attention towards ‘Home Automation’ developing a motorizeddrapery track system with a tubular motor for Roman shades and the solar shade industry.Its tubular motor and drapery track system’s specifications have been developed to match the leading home automation systems in the market. With atop of the line international product at a competitive price point, come ask D.K. about automation and how it can work for you.

In the future D.K. will continue to advancetheir motorized products line, innovating and developingquality motorized systems and products to fulfill the needs of the market at price points that make automation accessible. D.K. knows that as technology advances, so do the needs of the market and they plan to be there to continue to provide products to fulfill their clients’ needs.


Let D.K. provide you with the right products, with the right service at the right price.


Don Kim has worked in the industry from the ground up. Educated in engineering in Korea, he worked at the Hyundai shipyard in Korea in his youth. In the U.S. he has worked in the industry for several decades in the window covering business as an installer, contractor, designer, innovator and businessman. He knows the global market, the products and the needs of his clientele. Working always as a service provider and getting the products his clients need, Don and his team can help you with your drapery hardware needs. As an active member of his firm, he is available and has trained his team to answer any questions you may have.


We offer a full range of services that enable us to provide you with the quality and performance that is expected of an industry leader.

Let us be your guide through the maze of decorative hardware. Let us know your needs and we give you the knowledge and products to make your vision happen.